Adelaar Clothing | Do you know anything about it?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion Q & A' started by shutterspeed, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. shutterspeed Member

    Hi there. I'm wondering if anyone know's anything about the background of the Adelaar clothing label? I've seen items dated 50s to 70s so far, and guessing it comes from Holland, but would love any further information anyone may have? :)
  2. joules Trade Member

    I see the label quite often on blouses, seems to have been a line in fairly wide distribution. My impression is that it was a US manufacturer, perhaps based in L.A. but that is just a guess. I have a few around here somewhere.
  3. lkranieri Trade Member

    If you e-mail me at:

    my VFG name at

    I will send you an article with a little information. I am not certain I can post it here.
  4. joules Trade Member

    Lynne, just out of curiosity, could you possibly please post the basics about this label? I've often wondered as well.
  5. lkranieri Trade Member

    Just e-mail me and I will gladly send you the article.
  6. joules Trade Member

  7. joules Trade Member

  8. Cock-A-Doodle Jo Registered Guest

    Just found this forum as I too was trying to find out about the Adelaar brand. I have a fantastic blouse with poodles on it by her. Any chance you could send me the article ?
  9. PersonalPursuits Trade Member

    I have seen blouses and suits with this label. I also have several pieces with this label. The company also had a line called Adelaar’s Aristocrat. Adelaar is listed under the U.S trademark and first use began in 1939. They made women's wear from dresses to blouses. The New York based company canceled the trademark in 2002.
  10. PersonalPursuits Trade Member

    Oh, I just saw your comment Joules that the company was founded in 1934 in Chicago! I found my information on TESS (U.S. trademarks) and they did not include that information. Very interesting :)
  11. PersonalPursuits Trade Member

    I did forget to mention, I have found a union tag on a few of my Adelaar pieces.
  12. joules Trade Member

  13. claireshaeffer Trade Member

    After we moved to Palm Springs, I met one of the Adelaars. It was a long time ago and I've forgotten her name.
  14. PersonalPursuits Trade Member


    This is an early 60's suit I have from Adelaar.

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