1909 Fashion Week in Paris

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    Those hats ! (Poor birds) And those outfits used a lot of material.
    "Moving Picture" Clip HERE.
    Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 7.38.19 AM.png
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    I noticed how the clothing influenced the way the wearer's walked and moved. Some were very long - and tight. How did they keep from tripping? No wonder they used their parasols like a cane.
    Wonderful to see. Thank you, Amanda.
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    That was fun to watch, Amanda, thanks for sharing. I liked the outfit that had the oriental looking pants under it. That ermine coat with matching hat and muff was something else.
    The hats certainly were huge at that time. I have one hat in my collection that is in keeping with these...It is so heavy and you really have to stand up straight when wearing it.
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    That is fabulous to see all those dresses and hats in action. I loved the hats, what a treat.....but of course so many poor dear birds gave their lives for those ladies.

    I question the dating on this. It does not look like 1909 to me, more like 1911.

    No matter the dating, it is wonderful!

    I laughed at the poor girl in the showroom, trying unsuccessfully to walk in the white hobble skirted dress. She really looked depressed at having to even wear it! Too funny.

    And the hunting attire! Wow.
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    So fabulous. I collect Widow hat items.
    Loved it.
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    So fabulous. Have shared on my Page. Nothing better than seeing the clothing on moving people. Thank you, Amanda!
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