1950s dress - buttons and strap replacement

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    So I found this little gem today - thinking 50s? Someone had added some really ugly ribbon to it at one time and the same ribbon as shoulder straps. I removed it all. Also, the buttons up the bodice are missing. I'd love to bring it back to life - the general condition is perfect. Oh and it has.... pockets!! Really pretty diamond-shaped bust (maybe the points fold over?) and super full skirt with tulle underlay. It feels like a silk, but I'm not positive. Any thoughts on traditional 1950's straps on this or buttons? I'm guessing it needs straps because there isn't any boning at all. Unless that was removed at some point. No tags at all, but the metal zipper brand is JUDY. Never heard of it. I actually thought it might look cool updated too with some leather straps, but it would definitely take away from the vintage roots. Working on some photos on a dressform for better reference. Also, not sure why these are sideways?? 2929.jpg 2930.jpg 2931.jpg Thanks!
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    A few more images on a dressform.

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