1950's? Lame Shawls, Fred Collard Of Swindon?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Label Q & A' started by GemGem, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. GemGem

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    Hello you wonderful fashion experts.

    It's been a while since a had a query and today I have a little conundrum.

    I won a little lot of three vintage scarves/shawls which came in a vintage parcel box with stamps dating to 1955. The box shows the Company as 'Fred Collard of Swindon'. The scarves/shawls do look to be from around the same era, Lame seems to have been popular in the 50's especially. There is also a wool embroidered shawl.

    I am curious as none of the scarves have any labels as to weather they are the correct dating and so therefore likely to be from the box they came in rather than that box simply being used as storage. They all seem to be unworn.

    Please do have a look and let me know your thoughts. Much appreciated.

    Gem IMG_6212.JPG IMG_6215.JPG IMG_6222.JPG IMG_6223.JPG IMG_6235.JPG IMG_6238.JPG IMG_6242.JPG
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  2. The Vintage Stylist

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    The textiles are all right for the 1950's. The silver brocade could be 1960's.
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  3. GemGem

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    Thank you so much for the dating expertise!

    I wonder if anyone has info on Fred Collard and weather the scarves/shawls are in keeping

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