1960's beaded dress w/ bag, shoes, gloves and nylons. List together?

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  1. VintageFray

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    1960\'s beaded dress w/ bag, shoes, gloves and nylons. List together?

    I'm pretty sure this dress in 1960's, and its gorgeous. I bought it with a pink evening bag, which contained gathered (50's?) gloves, and pink nylons. it also came with shoes, and I’m assuming this is the outfit as the original owner wore it.
    I suppose my first question is- should I list them together? As the bag isn’t strictly matching (although the shade of pink is very similar) I wouldn’t feel to bad about splitting them up, but part of me would like to keep the gloves, dress, nylons and bag together, and list the shoes separately. What does everyone think?

    My second question is- what time of year should I list it? I'm determined to get a decent amount for this one, because I’m simply to attached to it to let it go for peanuts.

    Also although i think the dress is 60's, i think the bag and its contents are 50's, and i'm a bit uncertain when it comes to the shoes. what does everyone think? (click on the pictures to enlarge them)





  2. vintagebaubles

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    Rosine, that dress is lovely! I think it could be late 60s into maybe even early 70s--it's very similar to the one my mother wore to my (first) wedding in 1974, though hers was beaded only at the top. Though the shoes & bag look 60s to me, so stands to reason the dress probably is! I might be tempted to list the dress, bag & shoes by themselves, while cross-referencing each listing, and the gloves & nylons together. I have no clue as to age on the gloves!

    I think I'd wait & list these around holiday time--maybe as a New Year's Eve outfit? Or as a spring MOB dress? This would even make a wonderful wedding dress for that "second" wedding and "older" bride.... I listed some gowns last year at this time, and they tanked, even though they were suitable for younger people to wear, say, for homecoming dances....
  3. Hattysattic

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    I agree - if anything just list the shoes seperately incase the person wanting the dress won't fit into them. And of course cross reference as Anne suggests (which I am sure you can legitimately do as they are connected).

    Lovely set!
  4. Jonathan

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    I would list them alltogether simply because the shoes and bag aren't anything really special by themselves but when you put them with the rest of the outfit it really sings and is more desirable. I think its mid 60s, those shoes are 64-66ish, and coloured stockings are popular then too -- its just on the cusp of when the style changes from Jackie Kennedy to Twiggy. I sure hope the original wearer had a BIG blonde bouffant! Personally if I had this outfit I would keep it all together rather than split it apart. There was a recent sale of an outfit where the seller split it apart but I didn't bid because I wanted the entire thing, not the bits and pieces without the rest and didn't want the chance of losing out one of the elements of the entire outfit.
  5. VintageFray

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    Thanks everyone, i think i will keep the dress and the bag contents together...i'm still unsure what to do with the shoes! But i'll hold off listing them for a while, and try and catch the christmas/ new year outfit searchers. Its good to know that the whole outfit is 60's too. Thanks :D

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