2000 - 2009 - You call that vintage?

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    Not I. But then again, I am of a certain age that didn't wear what was in style at the time, so I have no nostalgia or even a sense of what was "in" those years.

    I just reread VFG member Jonathan Walford's wonderful blog about this timeframe which he originally published in 2009. (HERE)

    I had quite a few guffaws reading it.
  2. Midge

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    Same reaction here the other day when I re-read it! Incidentally, "The Devil wears Prada" was on on TV and I let it run whilst I was doing stuff online. And I cringed... and cringed! Not at the fashion so much but at the film's "message", which I find mostly horrible, though in a way it doesn't even know what it actually wants! I liked it when it came out, now it just made me cringe.
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    I appreciated Jonathan's lucid recap of the decade. I guess I wasn't far off when I felt like I was in some bizarre fashion fantasy during that time.
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