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30's 40's straw platform sandals with embroidered indian sacrifice/burial scene??

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by Pinkcoke, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Pinkcoke

    Pinkcoke Alumni

    Why would anyone want such a horrific design on their shoes?! I'm hoping somebody knows of some cultural trend or news snippet that would explain the choice of theme here... It appears (to me anyway) as though the man on the left is either a) pouring blood b) flogging c) stabbing/holding some other weapon, can't work out if the man lying down is dead or alive, the third man on the right could be praying with his arms out or holding the other man down by the legs and lastly one man (or woman? she has no wrap/headdress) bowing to the ground below. Grieving perhaps)
    They are made from black nubuck suede and the embroidery is on a very fine straw I think. I can seperate the weave slightly with my nail. Leather soles.

    For dating I have found an advert of some very similar style Dunlop sandals from 1939 (with a nice floral theme however!) that is the closest (I don't find many beach sandal adverts), and the very slight peep toe and shape of the sole makes 30's a possibility but the heel and buckle on these makes me think they could also be into the early 40's, opinions welcome on that.

  2. Jonathan

    Jonathan VFG Member

    Looks to me like an Aztec sacrificial ritual! They are a hoot! The pair of shoes you have look mid 1940s, late war or even postwar because of that thick Cuban heel, instep strap, and slight platform. The insole looks like substitute leather, maybe a cardboard, so my guess would be 1944-1947, but if they are Mexican, they could be later -I believe Mexican shoes I have handled into the 1950s continue to use cardboard insoles, even when the shoes are pure leather. I suspect the idea was that you had the insoles replaced regularly. I would say these were Mexican made for American tourists. During the war travel for leisure was discouraged, so another reason why I would suggest postwar, maybe even as late as 1950ish, if they are Mexican made.
  3. Pinkcoke

    Pinkcoke Alumni

    Thanks very much Jonathan, the insole *was* cardboard, it's certainly fibrous where worn away on the instep and very soft almost like compressed sawdust? Looking closer at the seam on the inside of the heel, the black covering could be a velour rather than suede, It's a little too thin I think. The upper lining is definetly leather.
  4. Those are insane!! Such cute shoes...such a disturbing scene. They will no doubt fit right in with someones taste though. I can imagine that the whole goth/morbid crowd might really go for them.
  5. Pinkcoke

    Pinkcoke Alumni

    Well you know I get asked for sandals a lot so I can see somebody not minding the design, after all from a few metres away you could hardly tell what it's all about but it does have that morbid fascination factor... they'll probably go into a collection however I should think.
  6. thespectrum

    thespectrum VFG Member Staff Member

  7. Jonathan

    Jonathan VFG Member

    They might also be Guatamalan and those are Mayans...
  8. Pinkcoke

    Pinkcoke Alumni

    I did think the stone looking 'sacrifice' podium was closer to Egyptian period than Indian so Mayans sounds more plausible.
  9. Metro Retro Vintage

    Metro Retro Vintage VFG Member

  10. cactusandcattails

    cactusandcattails VFG Member

    I dont know if this is depicting Mayan or Aztec ritual sacrifice, but definitely pre-columbian Mexico. Both cultures had similar ritual practices, usually performed on the steps of the temple and involved cutting the heart out of the victim.

    Gruesome indeed...but oddly fascinating subject for shoes!


  11. Pinkcoke

    Pinkcoke Alumni

    Thank you for that Brenda, isn't it just!
  12. bartondoll

    bartondoll Trade Member

    I love unique oddities like this! These are great!
  13. Retro Ruth

    Retro Ruth Queen of Tech Staff Member

    Bonkers! Wonderful!
  14. thespectrum

    thespectrum VFG Member Staff Member

    I immediately thought Mayan too, but then considered Aztec.
  15. Jonathan

    Jonathan VFG Member

    Ya - NO KIDDING! one to perform the sacrifice, one to be sacrificed, and ten to hold the guy down!
  16. Metro Retro Vintage

    Metro Retro Vintage VFG Member

    Lol! I know I shouldn't laugh (especially considering the poor individual). I think they got them doobied up on peyote beforehand (thank goodness).
  17. Midge

    Midge Super Moderator Staff Member

    Incredible shoes! I like the shape and overall look, but the embroidery really is weird. When I read the title first, I though I had misread.

    @Laura, I laughed too :BAGUSE:... Just what I needed after a hard day at work!

  18. Metro Retro Vintage

    Metro Retro Vintage VFG Member

    I agree Karin -- Sometimes laughter is the best thing after a long day. ;)
  19. Jonathan

    Jonathan VFG Member

    LOL - I thought you said 'Sometimes slaughter it the best thing after a long day".... I had to read it twice! lol
  20. joules

    joules VFG Member

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