40s blouse?

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    So I'm a bit unsure about this blouse - I am leaning towards 40s though. Would love some help! There are no tags (well there was a tag but it has since unraveled and I can't quite read what it says). Button closures down the back. No shoulder pads which is somewhat unusual maybe, but they could have been removed also. It's a cold rayon fabric. I was told 80s but it just doesn't seem to fit. There is some contrast stitching around the neckline. Thanks!

    floral1.jpg floral2.jpg floral2.jpg floral3.jpg floral4.jpg floral5.jpg
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    Latin American themes were popluar in the 1940s. Rayon works for both 40s and 80s. The color scheme seems more 1980s. How deep is that armhole and how wide is the sleeve opening? 1980s would generally be a deeper and a wider than the 40s.

    I agree, label remains and seam finishes would be very helpful.
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    I'm also wondering if this was a dress that has been cut down. Does the finish of the bottom hem match the finish elsewhere?
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    Ahhh I am sorry everyone!! I can't for the life of me find this blouse now. Ugh! I am going to tear apart my closet and see if I perhaps stored it in there. Thanks for all your feedback and I will update when I find the blouse. :)
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    Sorry for the delay! I lost the shirt!

    Here are a few photos of the interior seams and the remaining label.

    fr_3706_size880.jpg fr_3707_size880.jpg fr_3708_size880.jpg fr_3710_size880.jpg
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    Sorry for the delay! I misplaced the shirt! Ahh! I posted some photos. Thanks! The armhole is about 8" deep. About 16" in circumference.
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    Hi! Sorry for the delay - I misplaced the shirt! I posted a few photos of the stitching - the armhole stitching is a bit different than the rest. There is decorative black stitching on the neckline also.
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    Hm.. I'd say the sleeves are part of the fabric and not set in. They stick out maybe a an inch or less along the side seam. More of an opening than a sleeve.
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    I am seeing 40s. The print is fab! Were button backs common in the 80s?
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    good question! I am not sure honestly!
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    I had a couple of back button dresses 85ish.
  15. Yes buttons backs and those kind of sleeves in dresses and blouses.

    Here is one blouse.
    1980s-vintage-moon blouse-anothertimevintageapparel.jpg

    I have it clipped to the form, it is a more looser fit style.
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    This definitely looks 80s to me or early 90s. Looks way different than my blouse though? I know there were blouses in the 40s with button backs too though. Hmm...
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  17. It has the same vertical darts and as one sleeves. Of course, this print says 80s 90s but the style is similar.
    I just see the fabric design as being completely different. As I said, I clipped it to the form so the shape isnt showing that well
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    I guess it's hard to see yours well. Mine really doesn't have darts except on the bottom part. The sleeves are really more very small cap/openings. I came across this blouse online that's also 40's. They really seem very identical in shape except no darts on this one. Hmm!

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    Are you sure it is Rayon and not silk. The print reminds me so much of some vintage 30s silk fabric I sold a while back.

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