'60s Givenchy Coat with Handwritten Serial Number - REAL OR FAKE?

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    Hi all,

    I've taken a look at the label resource already and seen that there is a picture of a similar tag with a note that says "Look carefully for handwritten numbers". I just want to clarify whether handwritten numbers would indicate the coat is real or a knock-off. I found a picture of the coat from US Vogue in September 1969 and it looks identical, but a customer just asked about the serial number so I want to be absolutely positive!

    Pictures attached. Thanks!

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  2. Jonathan

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    We can't authenticate, but the number under the label is usually where the serial number is placed unless it is sometimes printed directly on the label.
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    Givenchy is still in business. You can write the Attache' de presse at their Paris headquarters.
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    I asked about the serial numbers on eBay. Such a great piece! Serial number is the consistent with the year.
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