70s Arnaud & Thierry Gillier Wool Long Sleeved Dresses - questions

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    Hi All!

    From my 1970s closet, come 2 stunning 100% wool long-sleeved dresses, one in a gorgeous olive and the other in a dark burgundy (not shown). Both have what seem to be mother-of-pearl buttons although confirmation of that is one question I ask here, but not the main question.

    These dresses have the most amazing fit and were made by Arnaud & Thierry Gillier, Paris. I purchased them new at Bloomingdale's between about 1978 - 1981. Many articles can be found online for Thierry Gillier, and even his father, Andre, co-founder of Lacoste. http://www.fashionmodeldirectory.com/designers/thierry-gillier/ However, nothing I've turned up refers to Arnaud, nor have I found a single vintage item listed anywhere at all under the name "Arnaud & Thierry Gillier."

    Does anyone know anything about Arnaud? Was that another name for Thierry's dad, Andre?
    Does anyone have more information about the company "Arnaud & Thierry Gillier"? When was it formed, for how long was it in business, what happened to it? And, finally, if there are other items from that company I would love to see them. These 2 dresses were so perfect that I barely wore them because I wanted to have and keep them forever. Obviously, nearly 40 years later, I indeed still have them, but alas they waaaaaaaaay no longer fit me!

    Thank you in advance.


    Arnaud & Thierry Gillier Paris Olive Wool button down dress (1).JPG

    Arnaud & Thierry Gillier Paris Olive Wool button down dress (3).JPG
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    Here is an excerpt from a related 1992 article:
  3. lkranieri

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    ...and HERE is a history of the business.
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    I went to school with Thierry. He used to work for the "family biz" during breaks but wasn't doing so in earnest till after graduation which would've been 1982. He was a very nice guy, and also a character.
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    Oh my, from your comments, it appears I bought the dresses between '84 and '92. That makes sense given the mid-calf length of them. I really appreciate the information, Lynne and Cinthia. Much appreciated. Thank you!
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    You are welcome and thank you for a little walk down Memory Lane. Thierry was a very nice guy and was always in the middle of some fun drama. He said the funniest things that we classmates remember to this day. He really wanted to be a creative type and fell into a very creative life that suits him well. I am very happy for his success. : )))

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