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70s?? Halter Dress with Jacket.

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by vintageclothes-line, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. Suppose this is from the 70s with the poly material and the wide collar. Metal Zipper in back. Please confirm date and help with my lack of keywords. TIA <br><br><img src=http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/magnolia3/70sbluecheck.jpg><img src=http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/magnolia3/70sbluecheck7.jpg><br><br><img src=http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/magnolia3/70sbluecheck2.jpg><br><br><img src=http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/magnolia3/70sbluecheck5.jpg><br><br> <img src=http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/magnolia3/70sbluecheck13.jpg><br><br>
  2. bartondoll

    bartondoll Guest

    Hi Linda!

    The collar is definitely early 70s, but I am pretty sure I had a dress like this at the end of the 60s. A cusper maybe?

  3. I always think of gingham as country girl/very conservative/sweet...and it occassionally can be frumpy or remind one of a table cloth. however, the gingham/halter combo gives it sort of an unexpected alluring but sweet look. Its hard to find a good halter dress anyhow, but the fabric is out of the usual here. Kinda like Mary Anne on Gilligan's Island doing her version of one of Ginger's dresses. The sweet girl next door goes sexy.
    (weird idea i know, but my brother was just talking about mary anne and ginger the other day).

    I am assuming the shirt/jacket thing is to put over the shoulders in case you get cold. Its not really a bolero with the collar, etc....I am at a loss for a name at the moment. I would also use the "two looks in one" concept, but would more play up the halter dress. Even though some people frown upon 70s collars, it really does frame the face.

  4. Was this hand made or manufactured? The halter dress alone without knowing the material would be harder to date.... The shoulders seem later than 60s/70s cusp to me - in fact i have a maxi up right now with the same shoulder treatment and that is more mid to late 70s. But the collar to me says early to early mid....i will have to go look at the old clothing patterns i was looking at and compare collar treatments/shoulder treatments....although some were popular for a long time
  5. Thanks. And what made me more confused was the slight puffing of the sleeves at top. That would lead me to believe the peasant look of the 70s or the puff sleeve of the 80s!<p>Sue, come to think of it, I might have had something similar to this in the late 60s.<p>Chris, there is no tag, but if it was handmade, someone did a great job. The interfacing of the jacket is pellon lined for shape.<p>I love the concept of two outfits in one. <p>Mary Ann Does a Ginger!! That's cute. LOL.

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