80s Dior sweaters - composition tag in Japanese only?!

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  1. Esther

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    I got these three 80s (please correct me if i'm wrong!) Christian Dior sweaters. My question is why is that all three have care and composition labels written only in Japanese?! I find it odd...
    Also, if any japanese speakers would read this, can you please help translate them?! With help from Google i could make out that the first two are 70% mohair(???) and 30% nylon. The third gold one is 85% rayon and 15% polyester. Do these labels say where were they made?
    Thanks for any help! IMG_20190120_115725.jpg IMG_20190120_115152.jpg IMG_20190120_121724.jpg IMG_20190121_185831.jpg IMG_20190121_183852.jpg IMG_20190120_121936.jpg
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  2. Esther

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    Anyone, please?! nervous emoti
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    Well this means Made in Japan-
    I don't see these characters on your labels.
    But Christian Dior may have been made in Japan as it was here in Canada. The European designers licensed the name so it can be made in other countries for less money. This happened with Dior, Cardin, YSL and more and mostly in the 70s and 80s.
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  5. Esther

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    They all have the same label:
    IMG_20190120_121853.jpg IMG_20190120_120051.jpg IMG_20190120_115418.jpg
  6. Esther

    Esther Registered Guest

    Thank you for the info!

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