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A Fashionable Summer ~ Joe Famolare

Discussion in 'A Fashionable Summer 2005 (Asst. Designers)' started by Patentleathershoes, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. fuzzylizzie

    fuzzylizzie Alumni

    Of course I don't mind! I just couldn't believe I found it after the discussion of the clogs!
  2. emmapeelpants

    emmapeelpants Alumni

    Just catching up, this is great - and very interesting for me as it's another name I've never come across!!! :clapping: :USETHUMBUP:

  3. Patentleathershoes

    Patentleathershoes VFG Veteran VFG Past President

    Lizzie, I wonder if that is Joe's daughter Hillary in the first picture. It may just be a model, but the collection is the "Hillary Famolare" collection that the shoe is from.

    Liz...it's possible they weren't really marketed on your side of the pond as much.
  4. denisebrain

    denisebrain VFG Vice President Staff Member VFG Past President

    Although I can't remember where I've stashed them, those big clogs were given to me by a woman who worked during the mid-70s at a trendy shoe store in Chicago. She called them her moon shoes. She, and all the other girls who worked at the store were forced to wear them, trying to create a buzz for them, but she said the sales were slow for them. The ones I have are navy blue, and they are so large that they have gotten scuffed pretty badly, which doesn't look great on all that shiny blue. They are also really awkward to wear! (Said by one who doesn't complain about the shoes she wears nearly enough...) Still, kinda ~goofy~ cool. Cartoonish indeed.

    The Hi-There is another matter...I actually had some when they came out (I'm sure I must have had to beg and plead with my mother), and I was, and still am IN LOVE with them! :wub:

    Thank you for this fabulous exploration Chris!

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