A Few 1872 Fashion Notes

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    While searching a May 1872 newspaper for information about someone I am researching, I found an article titled A Few Fashion Notes. Here are some interesting excerpts:

    -- "Ladies who wear deep mourning usually have a short grey crepe veil over the face, while the black one is fastened on one side by a large jet pin; as physicians consider the dye from the black crepe very injurious to the health, especially in warm weather."

    -- "The sleeves of street costumes are made very short in order to display the six-buttoned glove to the best advantage."

    -- "Large gilt crosses are worn around the neck on a black velvet ribbon, and are very stylish with light dresses."

    -- "A new style of cloak for young ladies is in the shape of a double cape, one end being made long, ornamented with a tassel, and meant to be thrown loosely over the left shoulder, a la militaire."

    -- "Ladies' house dresses are now ornamented by large buttons on the front of the waist, of coral, turquoise, or mosaic, while some more extravagant have diamonds set in onyx for the front of a handsome black silk dinner dress."
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    Love the black veil bit - never heard that before!
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    Six-buttoned glove!!!!

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