A few things I need help dating, please. Think 80's?

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    Pink button up shirt: I can't find more than a single picture of this "blassport" label. Their piece was 80's, so I wanted to confirm mine as 80's also? It feels like polyester, or rayon. I think probably rayon as it's kind of "rough" feeling, not silky.

    Polkadot dress: Also 80's? Most of the pieces with this label are 80's, but the style doesn't necessarily remind me of the 80's. It feels like 100% cotton. I forgot the label. I'll update it later.

    Sheer blue flower shirt: I have no idea about this. It reminds me of 60's. When you wear it, it flows and doesn't hang straight down like it's doing in the picture. The fabric feels and looks like silk. The button is lame or guipe (can't tell the difference) covered. There's no label anywhere.

    Thank you!!

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    1 - I'd like to say '80s but the collar is really big. Could be mid '70s. I'm surprised there's no content label - the laundry instructions sound more like a good quality polyester or synthetic "cool iron" than a rayon, which handles a hotter temperature. Also, almost everything in the '70s was synthetic. They were made for it. This one looks like it's meant to copy silk blouses.

    2 - can't tell much about this: can you tell you us more? Does it have an elasticated waist? Pics of the labels please?

    3 - definitely '80s.
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    Thanks! I'll have to post what I forgot today.
  4. Actually #3 is current now.
    The Blasssport is 80s and was quite popular in the US. I worked in the fashion industry in the 80s.
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    I think that last floral one is contemporary.
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    Ugh. I was hoping for 60's. Just for my own education, how can you tell? (About the last one.)

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