A Salvation Army cape of hat or good lookalike??/

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  1. I belong to a group called Questers; it's a collector's/antique appreciation group; we meet once a month to hear a topic and try and raise money for local whatevers that need saving, refurbishing etc. Think overage sorority with a common interest.

    The discussion in March is going to be about MAdames, and the hostess wants everyone to come dressed as a Madame etc. Yep. Anyway, I want to go as an uptight Salvation Army/Temperance chick. Does anyone have something I could use? I will be happy to rent whatever?

    Thanks, Kelly
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    I don't but when you do find something and dress up I definetly want to see pics!!
  3. I am the youngest of the group by about 15 years and I am 42. Thoght it would be fun to be the damper as I just can't get geeked up to wear a lady of the evening outfit with this crowd.
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    Do we have a hysterically spitting soda on my keyboard emotiocon?
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    I have heard of the Questers...there was/is a chapter in my parent's town. Let us know if you find anything.

    Maybe some theater group has an outfit that the actress who was Sgt Sarah Brown has a leftover costume for you to use. Some theater groups to raise money rent out their costumes, and watch for when university theaters have a costume sale. The students need to make costumes as part of their degree so every few years they purge things that haven't been used.
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    Hi Kelly
    I do have a navy blue cape with a red lining that looks like a nurse/salv army type cape. It might work for you. I'd be happy to send pix.

    I'm out of town and won't be home until later today, but will check the board when I get in.

    If you can use it, I'll mail it to you and you can just send it back when you're done wearing it.

    Blue Velvet Vintage
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    Just checked in and saw my email. Thanks! It would be great.

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