ADRIAN and The Wizard of OZ

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    Fooling about on You Tube, stumbling into a documentary on the making of 'The Wizard'....I'd never realized that EACH of the 100+ little people had a UNIQUE costume designed by Adrian, as well as an individual makeup and fantasy hairstyle. An attention to detail that seems inconceivable today.
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  2. ClubVintage

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    That is very interesting. I am going to have to watch the movie again with a close eye on the Munchkins costumes.
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    Now that's a man who takes design seriously - reminds me of the story I heard about "My Fair Lady" (1964), that Cecil Beaton just reproduced fashion designs from historical illustrations for the famous black and white Ascot scene - were they Beardsley drawings? In any case, he won an Oscar for them, and they were beautiful.
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    That is fascinating.


    Who could ever forget the three fellow below.


    Are any of you watching 'Face Off' ? It's yet another reality show where make-up artists use live models to create various characters. Man, some of the stuff they create....

    And speaking of the Wizard of Oz movie ... remember the scene with the horse of a different color? They used jello to change the white horse to purple/lilac and apparently if you watch carefully you can see the horse trying to lick it off.
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