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  1. Midge

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    So I still had some of the beach print fabric from @pinkyagogo left after making the dress. So, with a lot of trying, I managed to cut the pieces for a top to be made from Butterick 9980, a 60s pattern which I've been wanting to use for some time! And thanks to the bank holiday weekend, I managed to get it finished today :). The buttons down the back are unused 40s buttons.

    I made the straight bottom/shaped neckline version, but with the three-quarter length sleeves, which have dart-shaping. It's actually pretty easy to make!

    It doesn't look too great on the manni beause it's only semi-fitted (I love that relaxed 60s shape!) but it fits me just nicely and looks perfect with a black pencil skirt.



    Butterick 9980.jpg
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  4. Midge

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    Yes, I guess I could... but I think i'd rather wear them as separates. I might take it with me on my upcoming trip to Australia. Sydney in May is usually still really nice and warm, but we'll be in the convention centre all day, and they love to put the air condition on a little too much...
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    Lovely. This top would look cute with vintage clamdigger pants IMHO.
    Maybe in the blue or black?
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    Wonderful! Love how the neckline jazzes up that great print even more!
  8. Midge

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    Thanks! Yes, black capris or clam diggers would be an option too - my modern ones may be a bit too low-waisted though... will have to try! The neckline was another reason why I wanted to make this. It's interesting - and like wider (and bateau) necklines.

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