April Showers-Clothing & Accessories For A Rainy Day: VFG Fashion Parade for the week of April 29th

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    April Showers - Clothing & Accessories For A Rainy Day

    April showers bring May flowers! Come rain or come shine, vintage clothing and accessories suited for April's wet weather will have you chasing rainbows. This week share your rainy day best raincoats and ponchos, hats, umbrellas and accessories. Save it for a rainy day in vintage.
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    1980s wrap or double breasted coat pattern Burda 7723 XS-S-M

    1950s coat pattern Patron Modèle 64003

    1950s boys' rain coat pattern Ringier 82992 - size 6

    1950s boys' coat, hat and leggings pattern Simplicity 4455
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