Assistance Needed - Vintage Handbag Label ID & Dating

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  1. Mollzonmarz

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    So excited to be posting here for the first time and looking forward to learning more about two handbags I recently purchased and am considering putting up for sale. I've included photos of both bags and their labels and am hoping to glean some insights into the production dates, maybe a little history behind the designers/labels, and whatever else folks may find useful. Thanks in advance for your help!

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  2. Mollzonmarz

    Mollzonmarz Registered Guest

    Thoughts on this one?
  3. Midge

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    Pretty bags. First one looks roughly 60s to me. Don't know the shop but Wien 1 means Vienna's first district, which means - probably from a "better" shop.
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  4. Mollzonmarz

    Mollzonmarz Registered Guest

    Super helpful. Thanks so much!!!
  5. Linn

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    I agree the first one look's '60s and the second one looks '50s to me - probably French. No idea what the label is on that one.
  6. denisebrain

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  7. Mollzonmarz

    Mollzonmarz Registered Guest

    Awesome! Stoked for the bag lady tip! Looks like a great resource❤️

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