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    Hi Everyone, I have been having trouble searching for this Australian label 'Sheeline Fashion'. Would anyone have any info on dating this day dress. Thankyou very much.. Im new to this.

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    I Google searched "sheerline fashions" and went to Images - the linked page - scroll down to a number of newspaper links to 'The Age' newspaper 1953 which refers to this company (probably an advertisement.
  3. Lori neilsen-carr

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    thankyou .... all I have been able to find is that they went into liquidation in 1958... that it.....
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    The earliest reference I found in a quick search for Sheerline Fashions was from 1950 (see classified ads below), but they may very well have been in business before that. I then found a 1967 blurb about a court case involving them. Finally, I found a 1985 article about their liquidation. PLEASE NOTE: These items are for educational purposes only and should not be reproduced to sell the item. Thank you.
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    Hi Lori, I've had a few dresses with your label. They were '50s. If you can show a photo of the dress in full we can be more helpful but from the fabric we can see and the labels, I would expect yours to be late '50s.

    Interestingly the main label says "cotton" but the one underneath reveals the fabric content to be synthetic. They may have been using up the old labels with the company name.

    If you search Trove you will find a number of newspaper mentions for the company. Here are some results in the state of Victoria. I found this ad from 1954 which describes their products as "medium class frocks". Another ad describes "street frocks".

    They were based at 192 Latrobe St and seem to have been most active in the early '50s.
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