Battenberg Lace Jacket Help Please

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  1. Michele27

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    Hello everyone

    I have recently started helping at my small local museum in Yorkshire, and we have found this beautiful jacket (it has no fastening at the front). Initial research suggests it may be Battenberg lace - can anyone help with further information or a possible date or use for it, please? Many thanks.

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  2. denisebrain

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    That's beautiful! I'm not at all an expert in this type and era of item, but it does look like Battenberg and I would say Edwardian, possibly late Victorian, like 1890-1910.
  3. Rue_de_la_Paix

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    That is gorgeous! Without seeing the front I might date it, like Denise, to the Edwardian era and due to the slim lines I see it as around 1910, give or take a year or 2.

    Wow. Yummy.
  4. Michele27

    Michele27 Registered Guest

    Thank you ladies! That’s really helpful. Apologies for the lack of photos from the front - it has a similar front to this jacket I found online, although ours has shorter sleeves. I am learning so much! Thank you.

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