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Berman Buckskin Co Coat

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by Vlk94, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Vlk94

    Vlk94 Registered Guest

    Alright, so I was at an estate sale today & found this coat for $10.

    I've done some research on the company, and it appears that they merged with Wilson's Leather in '88.

    The history of the company is here: http://www.startribune.com/business/13903971.html?refer=y

    As you'll see on the label it says: "Gunuine Leather by Berman Buckskin co. Minneapolis, Minn."

    So I believe it is post 1946 because "1946: Wearing fur is unpopular after World War II, and the store is reinvented as Berman Buckskin, with fringed deerskin jackets and Indian motifs marketed to tourists."
    whereas before that time I don't believe they went by Berman Buckskin. Even though I believe the fur is real fur.

    then it must be pre '88, because of the merge.

    I was a little surprised that there wasn't anything on Wilson Leather, or Berman Buckskin on the label guide!
    I can take more pictures, but let me know what you guys think!
    It is in absolute incredible condition. I'd bet she never even wore it!
    Ps. the pictures don't give the coat justice!
    Thanks again, everyone! You guys are amazing!
  2. Nice coat.

    Great bit of sleuthing on the company info ;) Perhaps sleuth different styles of the decades to help narrow down the decade of the coat and report back with your findings.

    To help with fur identification, check out our fur resource:
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  3. Circa Vintage

    Circa Vintage Alumni +

    That's a fabulous coat but I shall update your dating a bit - I'm thinking '70s. A clue is the "Genuine leather" which indicates it's post- vinyl, these label are generally from the '60s onwards. The label also looks more modern than a late '40s one.

    We're always adding to the Label Resource and your detective work can perhaps form the basis of a new entry - thank you!
  4. Vlk94

    Vlk94 Registered Guest

    I was thinking it looked like a 70's coat! Thank you guys!

    I also have a vintage Wilson Leather fur coat if you wanted a picture of that!

    Thank you guys!
  5. Buckarooandco

    Buckarooandco Registered Guest

    Ahhhhh...bought many items at Berman Buckskin back in the day...original store/factory was on Hennepin Ave right by the Gay 90's...
  6. Vlk94

    Vlk94 Registered Guest

    Does anyone think the label looks suspicious? To me it looks like it might've been resewed on. I can take a better picture thus afternoon.
  7. joules

    joules Trade Member

    Another vote for 70s.
    Label looks fine, to my eye, the way it's attached. I don't think you need worry.

    You really did a great job of narrowing it down, and I hadn't known about that merger.

    (Wilson's in now sold strictly online and via outlet stores, as I recently learned, while shopping to find Dennis a leather jacket, a belated Xmas gift.
    We found a nice one at the Barstow store. By the way, Sarah was one. of the very the best sales associate I have ever encountered.)
  8. Vlk94

    Vlk94 Registered Guest

    I was definitely thinking 70's to begin with but the lack of a care label threw me off!

    It was definitely an interesting company to research a bit! Its always exciting when there is actually a label!

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