Between the Lines VFG Fashion Parade for the week of April 22nd

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    Between The Lines
    Read Between The Lines: Stripes, Checks and Color-Block prints are all over Spring 2019 runways, and plaids are always in fashion. Let's see what turns up as VFG members read between the lines!
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  12. schapberryscarf01.jpg
    Vintage 1970s Schiaparelli Silk Scarf Curved Linear Print Plum and Pink

    Vintage 1960s Liberty of London Silk Scarf Modernist Linear Print

    Vintage 1970s Bill Blass Silk Scarf Linear Print

    1990s Escada White Wool Suit Floral Cross Stitch Embroidery

    Vintage 1980s Mens Shirt Cable Car Clothiers Robert Kirk Ltd

    My Vintage Clothes Line on Ruby Lane
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    omgosh!! this is divine!!! :wub:
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    It is my mothers the lady in my avatar. She is 93!
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    Thank you!
  19. Your Mother is a beautiful wonderful to use her photo as your avatar!

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