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  1. Lori Ammons

    Lori Ammons Registered Guest

    Bonnie, Hope you can see this thread. I'm going to try posting the pictures again of my butterfly pin.

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  2. Racked Vintage

    Racked Vintage VFG Member

  3. Okay, Lori......here are the pics and comments that I posted in your original post.

    Here are my butterfly wing pieces, Lori. Sorry the photos are not too clear, but took them in rather a hurry last evening. and, on looking at this brooch/pendant again a little more closely, I don't think this is a Dutch maiden. The hat is a little hard to tell what style it is. It does look a little like a Dutch hat, but not exactly. Could be just a little pointed hat with a flower on the side. She is sitting by a cross hatched window. Her clothes are created with butterfly wing and there is also a little bit in the window. Over time, some of the wing has lost it's brilliance and deteriorated to some small extent. The crystal that is covering the image is very thick and the setting is silver with English hallmarks. This is a very weighty piece and I presume the little safety pin that is attached is to help secure the brooch. It measures 2 1/2" round. I believe this piece may is from the 1920s. It is marked T.L.M and under the maker's mark there are the English Hallmarks of the Anchor, Lion and Y. I'm not as knowledgeable about British Hallmarks, but after a little research, if I am reading the marks correctly, I think the anchor indicates the town of Birmingham, the rampant lion indicates the quality of the silver and the Y dates the brooch to 1923. If any of our members from England want to weigh in on these marks, I would be very appreciative of any information they may offer. I was unable to identify the maker's initial marks. I purchased it in 1998 at a market near London.

  4. Here is the second piece which is a small reversible pendant set in 14kt gold. It's close to 1" round and actually usually a butterfly theme. On one side there is a real little mouthlike set against the butterfly wing background and on the other it's more of a heart shape made of butterfly wing. This piece appears to me to be later, possibly 1940s and that's clearly a guess. I have seen some souvenir pieces that were made in the pacific islands that were brought back as souvenirs. They were made from butterfly wing but most always have an island theme. I willl look forward to seeing closer pics of yours, as I think your find is more like my English brooch and could be from the same era.


  5. I can see your photos a little better now, Lori. Your brooch does not have English hallmarks but it bears some resemblance in subject matter to the one I have. Although it has "sterling" which makes me think it might have been made in America, it still looks like it might be from the 20s or early 30s. I would say that you made a good find! Maybe other members will have some comments to add now that you have put new pics on this thread.
  6. Lori Ammons

    Lori Ammons Registered Guest

    Bonnie, thank you for your expertise. I've always just loved it! Took it to a jeweler who didn't have any idea what is was. I'll drop back by and take it with me and share your insights with them!

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