Can anyone identify, date and advice re silk Kimono jacket

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    Hiya, Ive just unpacked my late mothers silk jacket, I know she had it for decades but thats all the info I have. Its a crepe like silk (?) and silk lining. Its very petite so Im not sure it was made for the European market and is knee length on me (im 5.5 feet). kimono 1.jpg IMG_20200308_144344.jpg The hem has been padded as can been in one of the pics .
    I really love it and have decided I should display it rather then have it packed away so if anyone has any ideas about its age, origins and how best to display it it would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks in advance,

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    These are difficult to date because they changed so little over the years, so one often has to rely on fabric details such as fiber content, pattern, etc. for dating. Its length and closure system, assuming it's the red sash or belt we see across the front, makes it an haori kimono, a short, thigh-length kimono meant to be worn over a longer garment and loosely analogous to a jacket in the west. They're traditionally worn either open or with a single cord or something similar attached to each side across the torso. I would guess this to be mid-20th Century, maybe 1950's.
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    Thank you so much for the info. It's given me the right direction to start my research. It really is a minefield but very interesting
    Cheers again
  4. Iyala Hanbro

    Iyala Hanbro Registered Guest

    thanks for the ideas. Ive cobbled some together and now enjoy looking at it everyday!
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