Can you help me date this?

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  1. claireshaeffer

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    This bolero is black velvet with gold leather and bead trims.
    Many thanks 01222833.jpg 01222834.jpg 01222837.jpg

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  2. Rue_de_la_Paix

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    That is lovely. Can you show the interior, and is it lined? This is just a guess on my part, as I cannot feel or see it in person. Perhaps 1930s, circa early - mid decade. The style looks right for that time period, and also the materials. I have run across a small number of 1930s garments (and 1 or 2 hats) over the years that used leather as trimming, and memory serves me the leathers were metallic gold or silver.

    I love the way the designer used the leather as flowers. the jacket reminds me a bit of Schiaparelli in overall look.

    I just get that sense, but of course it is just a guess.
  3. claireshaeffer

    claireshaeffer Trade Member

    That's helpful. I'm just moving photos around today and found it. I'm trying to avoid real work--like my taxes. I'll look for the jacket. It's in very good condition; I bought it several years ago because of the trim.
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  5. cmpollack

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    Beautiful! :wub:

    As with Barbara, the bolero silhouette and witty/surreal trim made me flash on Schiaparelli.
  6. claireshaeffer

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    The lining appears to be rayon or acetate, machine sewn.

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