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  1. Katelyn Czajkowski

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    Hi Vintage Fashion Guild, I'm wondering what you all use to store information/catalog your collection. I currently am using Google Sheets, but it is very inefficient. Currently, I am trying to develop a website where you can catalog your items in an efficient and clean way but in order to do so, I'm researching competitors/resources. My collection of vintage clothing is starting to burst out of my already large closet and I don't want to forget precious details or memories that I have of buying these items. Thanks in advance for your help!

    xx Kate
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  2. pastperfect2

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    I just use an Excel sheet. I think it's great you are cataloguing now while you remember all the details. I do wish I had made better notes on where and when I found my things.
  3. poppysvintageclothing

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    I agree with Hollis, an excel sheet. Also, wish I had written out more details although I do have a fair memory of many of the items I have purchased but of course can't remember them all. Definitely a good project to take on, Kate.
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    I bought a software database program a few years back called Collectibles Organizer Deluxe, and have been happy with it overall. At this point, I have more than 2,000 items entered, including about 600 that were sold over the last several years. It is customizable (with learning curve) and has a search function. Main page with the "General" information, including where the item is stored, which works great for me when something sells.
    MagsRags database main.JPG
    The tabs on the right side of the page open up other info pages - "Financial" is templated to enter details re: when and where I bought and how much I paid, as well as when I sell and for how much. I write my listings using the "Details" page, which is basically a big empty text box. I have never dug into the Pictures sections.
    The program also will do reports .
  5. Jonathan

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    You could try recollector:
    We were thinking of using this for the museum's collection because the system PastPerfect is too complicated for our needs.
  6. Midge

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    I have only catalogued my Barbie doll collection, and also used Excel for that... I've added the filter function, and that's enough for my needs there.
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  8. claireshaeffer

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    I use an Access spread sheet but you could use Excel. I made up the spread based on my interests and needs. Recently, I asked an appraiser if I needed to redo it, she advised no. I limited the number of columns so it would fit on a page so the description column frequently has multiple lines.

    For me, simple works well. Here are my column heads.
    Line Number
    Designer or Mfg. (if haute couture, I list as HC with #)
    Garment category
    Source (I wish I had included the price)
    Description: fabric, design details, condition

    I also have a ppt page for each item that shows photos of frt, back, and label--sometimes details as well all info on spread sheet. This is sometimes helpful with blacks--assuming the photos show enough detail.
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