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    I was given this Ceil Chapman dress by a woman who said it belonged to her great aunt. She said her aunt had it custom made in 1952/53 and had only worn it once for a performance. I don’t think it was custom made but more likely she purchased it from a retailer (Marjorie Watts) who then altered it to fit. There are a couple condition issues.
    Firstly, I’m wondering if these stains look like they would come out and if I should remove them myself or just send the dress to a dry cleaner.
    Also, the train has what look like a few pulled stitches, was it maybe folded in on itself somehow at some point? There’s no crease that would indicate a former hemline but I feel like it could be possible, the train is quite long.
    I noticed too on the bust that some of the stitches have come undone that hold the folds and draping of the fabric, should I take it to a tailor or just leave it as is?
    Finally, is the tag at the base of the zipper a price tag or an old dry cleaner’s tag? It says 12.50.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hi ! Where are the stains located on the dress ? This is often a clue as to what type of stain it is and how difficult it is to remove. You also have to consider the fabric and what condition it's in as to whether removing the stain will cause more damage than leaving it there. I can't in good faith tell you to bring this beautiful dress to a dry cleaner, after having a horrible experience with a cleaner specializing in vintage clothing ruin 2 precious family heirloom dresses of mine. As a side note, here is an article on Ceil Chapman from 1958.
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    Pity about the stains. If you have a very good dry cleaner in your area who knows how to work with vintage silk, I would ask their opinion. I know I have pretty much given up on dry cleaners in Montreal. Lovely gown.
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    Yes, that is an older dry cleaners tag. The numbers may be an inventory code and not necessarily a charge.
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