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  1. josephine hipolito

    josephine hipolito Registered Guest

    Hi everyone, im wondering if this chanel logo exist? By knowing the C on the right supposedly overlapped from the top left C, i couldn’t find any serial code or anything. Im wondering if this is real or fake? I just purchased it and this pictures are from the seller. . Thanks in advance

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  2. cloudsofviolet

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    We don't do authentication here! Sorry
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  3. josephine hipolito

    josephine hipolito Registered Guest

    Im sorry i didn’t know, im just wondering if the chanel logo on the picture is exist? Is it right that kinda logo is from 70’s?
  4. cloudsofviolet

    cloudsofviolet Registered Guest

    Hi, its somewhere here on the website that we def do not do authentication. please read. I am new too, very new and it takes up alot of time of longstanding members to have to replay to these kinds of posts.

    That said, I don't know. My "expertise" is construction. I would recommend an unclose photo of the logo and construction details.

    My best advice is I would recommend a forum that's more focused on "designer" and high end. Or just looking through ebay. There are some good sellers there but I don't know specifically know any. She looks beautiful
  5. Retro Ruth

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  6. cloudsofviolet

    cloudsofviolet Registered Guest

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  7. Retro Ruth

    Retro Ruth Administrator Staff Member

    I believe there is handbag forum somewhere, or possibly a facebook group, that is focused on designer brands, not necessarily vintage.

    We do happily help with designer and Couture vintage fashion here, just not on the specific issue of authenticity (or pricing). But someone wants dating or description help with a high end item, or to figure out whether something is Couture or Ready To Wear, we would gladly try and assist, and have some knowledgeable people .

    Someone here might be able to tell you if you are correct about this being 1970s. I personally don't know.
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