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Chinese or Japanese ?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by Leapordslair, Sep 16, 2021.

  1. Leapordslair

    Leapordslair Guest

    I acquired this collection at auction . I was able to discover the hat appears to be made out of a gourd . Would any one be able to identify the robe or date it ? It has an older feel to it . thanks !

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  2. Leapordslair

    Leapordslair Guest

    I think the gourd hat could be from the Phillipines by Teofilo Garcia as it looks like a tabungaw hat. I don’t see anything else similar in the hat world lol
  3. Avantbo

    Avantbo Registered Guest


    I think it older then you think it is but not as old as you would like it to be.

    I think the symbols are Thai, a Buddhist Temple Guardian.

    The hat is not a Tabungaw, I have seen such hats as in your photo depicted in Chinese and Japanese silk screen prints and I can't remember what they are called.

    You cannot tell the age of such a garment from photos, for several reasons, such garments need to be looked at.

    It could be an early tourist piece, it could be an early traditional garment that has been altered or a just post war tourist piece.

    The pockets, I don't know what's that about so am wondering if it's theatrical wear.
  4. Leapordslair

    Leapordslair Guest

    No, I don’t agree . The vintage store I bought it for from here in Calabasas said it’s older than that . Whatev guys .
  5. Avantbo

    Avantbo Registered Guest


    Older then???, how old did they think it is.
  6. Metro Retro Vintage

    Metro Retro Vintage VFG Member

    What exactly is on the back? Is it a dragon?

    Showing a clear close up of the back, laid flat, will provide a better visual for people to weigh in.
  7. Jonathan

    Jonathan VFG Member

    The pictures aren't large or clear enough to really determine much. A better pic of the hat, closeup of the Dragon embroidery etc. would all help. What intrigues me the most is the damask pattern of the silk... very unusual... but like what Avantbo said, its really hard to determine date without seeing closeups and preferrably handling. The patch pockets are not normal... so its a bit of a mystery.

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