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  1. dimestore finds

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    Hello, I was hoping someone could help me with the Skirt I found. It has the attached handwritten label. I was hoping to find the year and any other info.

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  2. Circa Vintage

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    Hi dimestore finds, and welcome to the forums. I'd be a little suspicious of those labels - firstly the hand written one seems to have been removed from a white garment, or at least it was sewn in white thread. I don't think it came from this skirt. Secondly, the Dior label also looks it is sewn in white thread. It does match a late '80s label in the LR though. Does your skirt look like it's from that era?

    If you can show pics of the skirt we can help date it. Numbers on labels are internal codes not usually decipherable by outsiders, even if the labels came from this garment originally.

    I can't read all of the numbers but if you can tell us what they are, or press the label and photograph clearly, it might help.
  3. Jonathan

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    I think the labels are fine - I think Nicole is seeing the threads at the edge as thread from being sewn in something else, but I think they are just frays from the tag itself. The hand written labels are put in export pieces for customs because fabric content and origin must to be declared. I have similar labels in late 20th century designer clothing - 80s and 90s, not sure if they appear in 70s clothes.
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  4. Circa Vintage

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    Thanks Jonathan. Just enlarged the tag and I agree. The threads are from the edges unravelling.
  5. Pinkcoke

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    I have also seen the handwritten fabric content labels on samples that didn't necessarily make it into full production.
  6. poppysvintageclothing

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