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    I just found this piece in a thrift store today and I was wondering how I should clean it. Technically not fashion related but I figured someone here might be able to help, if it’s not allowed please let me know and I will delete it. I believe it’s a 1920s Egyptian revival quilted wall hanging done on a thick piece of linen. Just the stain in the middle is bothering me. Also, would it be sacrilegious to repurpose this piece somehow? I was thinking of maybe sewing it to denim jacket or to a bag. Thank you in advance for the help!

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  2. Midge

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    This looks kind of cool. Can't say how old it is, honestly. How big is it? Is there any thickness/layers to it, or is it just a backing fabric with the motif sewn on to it?
  3. denisebrain

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    You would have to clean or wash the whole piece because it seems pretty dirty, and spot cleaning would look obvious. I would first do dye bleed testing on the colors with cool water and mild detergent. If the colors don't run, I'd let it soak in the same, cool water and detergent. If the colors run, I'd dry clean the piece.

    As to whether it would be sacrilegious to cut or repurpose the piece, I really can't say, because I'm not sure what it is.
  4. Joji Furukawa

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    Thank you for your replies Karin and Maggie. I did a little more research and it turns out these were souvenirs made by tentmakers in Egypt. The different coloured pieces are sewn directly onto the linen which is the same material used for tents. I did end up soaking it and the blue did bleed a little but not too much. As for age, it’s hard to tell because they were made for many decades but I think this one is more recent than 1920s because of the bright blue piece on the hat. They are also fairly common so I think I’d be safe to repurpose it :) Thanks again for your help!
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  5. Midge

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    Well, that's good! I was worried if there were more layers or batting in between that that might not reacht well to washing.
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