Cleaning Rhinestone Jacket

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  1. foofoogal

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    I have a lace jacket with prong set rhinestones. As I am not sure if the back is foil or not any ideas on how I may clean this? The black lace seems to have a whitish haze to it. ?
    Thank you. Sandy (foofoogal)
  2. My first instinct, if the jacket is cleanable, would be to remove the rhinestones prongs and all, and on their place sew just a stitch of colored thread so you know where they go, unless they are all on a trim, then remove the trim. Then clean the jacket and add them back. But of course it depends on how many their are and if the jacket is cleanable. Also, is there a way to spot clean if the area is not near the rhinestones?

    If the jacket is very, very old but wearable and striking as is, you may want to leave it alone - I can't say without knowing more about it.
  3. TangerineBoutique

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    I'm not a fan of dry cleaning for a number of reasons but in this case I think you should take the jacket to a reputable cleaner and have them do it. Water is very bad for the backing on rhinestones but dry cleaning fluid doesn't seem to be a problem.

  4. foofoogal

    foofoogal Registered Guest

    Thank you. I think I may do that. Way too many rhinestones to remove. It is a thought if there were not so many. Thank you both.

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