cleaning silk? satin? wedding dress

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  1. Aimee

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    hello - looking for some info on this dress. can't tell if the material is silk or satin. there is some underarm discoloration present as well as some discoloration to the ruffles near hem. i was hoping to clean and remove these stains, any input would be much appreciated. also, hoping to date this piece? i was thinking 1930's but not 100% sure. thanks so much!

    IMG_1755.JPG IMG_1756.JPG IMG_1757.JPG IMG_1758.JPG IMG_1759.JPG IMG_1760.JPG IMG_1761.JPG IMG_1762.JPG
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    I clean and restore a lot of wedding dresses and I would need to have this fabric in my hands to be able to definitely tell what process would work best, but the discoloration is not severe so I would **think** that a good soak in Eucalan could help.
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    Pretty dress - it looks earlier 1930s, and is satin. Whether it is silk or rayon, I don't know. But looks to be silk. The pit stains are dicey as to whether they will lift out. Silk satin tends to hold stains stubbornly. If you do get this wet with a hand wash, be aware that you will need to press this while still ever so slightly damp. If you wait until it's dry, any wrinkles will be set in.
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  4. Aimee

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    Thanks so much! Sincerely appreciate all of your help : )

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