cloche or older replica style?

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  1. blubirdboutique

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    Hello everyone. I'm loving this hat and it does resemble a cloche to me, but I'm not quite sure! It's a woven type material with little stretch to it. No tags or anything unfortunately. It's in perfect condition which seems rare for a 20's hat, so there's that. Color combo could be a factor too. Any thoughts? In any case, it's quite lovely!
    fr_3539_size880.jpg fr_3540_size880.jpg fr_3541_size880.jpg
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    Suzanne is asking about the inside because a 1920s cloche would have been lined. So if this hat is 1920s, there should at least remnants or evidence of previous stitching.
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  3. blubirdboutique

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    Just the mirror of the outside, no lining. So, perhaps 1970s?
  4. blubirdboutique

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    Nope, no lining. So maybe 1970s?
  5. Retro Ruth

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    The fabric looks to be a fine machine knit. I think, if it's the same on both sides, it's a double knit fabric.
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  7. Rue_de_la_Paix

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    All I can add is that it is not antique, looks new to me. That bucket (or call it a cloche) style seems to be popular in so many decades. I also see a double knit pattern in the weave. It might even be a brand new hat from Target, etc. Or it could be 70s or 90s. But not really vintage.

    Have you tried turning the brim up all around to change the style?

    It is cute and I love the colors.
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    So interesting how some styles just are so classic! I think you're all right and it's modern - or at least not vintage. I'll probably keep it and wear it :)

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