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  1. Dutchhippie86

    Dutchhippie86 Registered Guest

    Hi everybody!

    I bought this coat a couple of days ago at a vintage sale. I cant find any information about the brand or the origin of the coat. Its a really long black coat and it feels like wool with real fur on the hood (mink or rabbit?). The beadwork and embroidery is a copper/brown collor and there is no other label in or on the coat. 20211011_133114.jpg 20211011_133106.jpg 20211011_133045.jpg 20211011_133035.jpg 20211011_132949.jpg 20211011_132936.jpg 20211011_132924.jpg 20211011_132901.jpg Can you guys help?
  2. bycinbyhand

    bycinbyhand VFG Member

  3. I agree. It looks modern to me too. If so, there should be more labels, down a side seam or pocket perhaps? By law it needs to have a country of origin, fabric content and other information, all of which can help you date items.

    If you know what country it was purchased in, there may be local business records that can help too. I tried searching but it's not an Australian company so I couldn't find anything on it.
  4. Dutchhippie86

    Dutchhippie86 Registered Guest

    It's been purchased in the netherlands at a vintage garage sale kind of market. I cant vind any other tag or label, not even within the inner lining or any traces of a previously removed label. And the brand name in the label is not a dutch brand so no results on my search so far.

    Thnx for replying!
  5. Avantbo

    Avantbo Registered Guest


    Swedish or Norwegian I think and a wax cotton type material that became popular from the late 90s onwards.
  6. bycinbyhand

    bycinbyhand VFG Member

    Again, I think it's contemporary with a strong nod to the 60s vintage style. That label, though I'm not familiar with that particular manufacturer, is contemporary.
  7. Dutchhippie86

    Dutchhippie86 Registered Guest

    Ok thank you
  8. Sorry, wish we could help more: we're here for the vintage, and just not as knowledgeable when it comes to modern fashion.

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