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    I have a sweater with a Contessa Visconti Label - Modello Couture - Made in Italy.
    Does anyone know if this is the same person as Simonetta (who was also, at one time Contessa Visconti). I'm just a little puzzled because of dates and other labels (on VFG)

    I'd appreciate any information or direction on where to start looking!

    Thanks!! contessa visconti.jpg
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    Thanks Cindy
    That's what I was thinking but the cardigan - while nice - doesn't seem to be in her usual style (that I could find) and I couldn't see anything with this specific label. Attaching a picture!

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    Cin or Cinthia, thanks!

    Hmm... a nice wardrobe staple. Looks more early-mid60s.
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    Thanks Cin!
    (Sorry about the Cindy - I turned around the b)
    I think you're right about the sweater being early -mid '60s.
    Hoping I can confirm it's Simonetta!!

    Thanks for responding!
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    That was my first search - definitely interesting finds. Found out a lot about Simonetta that I didn't know.
    Thanks for your help Cin!

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