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    0C2259E2-D5E1-4250-9D8C-069AD0EEFC4A.jpeg 629D4AAA-A74D-4760-8580-D7F906DBCB23.jpeg B70BE2A6-D1F9-4F2E-9649-5AAC1ADB4D3A.jpeg 411DE2B1-CF4F-4BE6-A536-7B655B15A2D5.jpeg EB4E6639-F97B-48BC-9483-9AAB720016B1.jpeg 54E6CBBB-F829-48CE-9C6B-8D06748CD96B.jpeg 4DEBB21F-8CA5-4FD8-A57A-B55EFF0CC7E0.jpeg 6836D3E5-A409-4E57-BFEE-3E640A349F8B.jpeg 32073FD5-4C91-4C2B-9050-873FCDE85F92.jpeg I was thinking maybe 70s? It feels quite delicate so i was thinking maybe earlier but i'm not sure to be honest, the neckline has some "golden" or metallic floral embroidery, could it be golden wrapped thread?? Thanks for looking!
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    i think looks like couching thread gold wrapped around silk,
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    bumping to see if i could get some insight...
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    I've seen ribbon trim like that called jacquard. Yours is a rather simplistic design but a pretty purple. I would simply call the thread "metallic". :)

    Edit: Similar trim is still widely available (and inexpensive) today:


    Another Edit: I would doubt that your cute shirt is earlier than 1970s.
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