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  1. acceber

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    I found this today in an antique store and fell in love with the color and it’s swishy rustling fabric. It wasn’t until later after I ironed it out that I realized it was a circle skirt, it was so wrinkly. Any idea as to its age? There is no sign of any tag or label. It closes with snaps. Thanks for your help!

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  2. denisebrain

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    Hello there! Pretty find!

    Does the fabric of your skirt have iridescence? It looks like iridescent acetate taffeta to me. I say acetate because the tiny wrinkles imply the skirt has been washed—acetate can develop lots of small wrinkles when wet-washed. Although those snap fasteners can be indicative of Depression and WWII-era items, I believe your skirt would be much more likely to have been homemade in the 1950s. Home seamstresses did not always want to take on sewing a zipper, and the circle of fabric (especially this particular fabric) seems like 1950s to me.
  3. Vinclothes

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    I agree with Maggie about the fabric. I think it could be a little earlier, mid-1940's. You knew you were dressed up when your skirt made that lovely rustling sound.
  4. acceber

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    Thank you! Yes it’s iridescent. I thought something had to have been done to it because it looks like it’s been pressed a lot!

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