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    I scored this lovely dress today that I’m assuming is from the 40s due to its side metal zipper and general appearance. At the same time, it looks a little 1950s to me. The buttons down the front of the jacket are glass, I think. It’s a very long dress and the skirt is very full. The seams are unfinished and not pinked. Any opinions as to what date it comes from? I think it’s flocked nylon and in excellent condition! Thank you for your help!

    F13571BE-2C07-48FA-A590-EC706FDCC7B9.jpeg DC7E2CA1-2940-4BF2-91AB-26655CE5967E.jpeg 63849FD7-E87B-4286-9E23-33C79A547AE8.jpeg 8356AEB2-6BD1-4A82-8A30-2FDB849CE5B9.jpeg 02D3FBE3-245E-4532-8229-29E64B9C7B06.jpeg 52AF91DE-DB41-4A1F-A82E-7FF8E2FB313B.jpeg FB93A54A-0A90-45B2-8B72-A73820F4E51B.jpeg 10F1C8AE-7D8F-4907-9499-4CC87DA4BCDB.jpeg
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  2. Circa Vintage

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    Agree: late '40s to early '50s.
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    Yes, late 1940's.
  4. acceber

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    Awesome. Thank you!

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