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  1. acceber

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    Hello. I was hoping for some opinion as to the date of this dress. I can’t tell if it’s velvet or some kind of imitation. It’s rather long. It has a back metal zipper and two hooks. It also has what looks like side slits but they aren’t really slits. The seams are unfinished and not pinked. No tags or labels. Thanks for your help!

    5343B3C0-761F-4759-98B6-CE27AB41DAF8.jpeg AE8407D3-CBBD-40A7-8D7A-634360DEF2E2.jpeg E983A6B1-6E44-43D6-BA60-7414386ECCF2.jpeg 75C89C7C-5E4A-475F-81C3-724D89C74BCA.jpeg 9CFB5BF2-E35D-4AB7-8E24-6DE74752F331.jpeg 2A0EB736-2AEC-434D-8E6C-E639448166A3.jpeg
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    It looks like its made of cotton velvet to me in the pics - 1950s cocktail dress, maybe 1952ish? worn with black suede 'baby doll' shoes and velvet cocktail hat, rhinestone earrings, and a fur wrap it would look chic!
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  3. acceber

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    Oooh I have everything but the fur! Thanks Jonathan!

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