Dating a flocked maxi dress

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    I’m not sure what to make of this dress. At first I thought the 70s but in ways it seems older. That outside flocked fabric is a little threadbare. The entire dress is lined. It has no shoulder pads but just little fabric inserts to make the sleeves a little poofy. It has a back metal zipper and the bow snaps closed in the back. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a dress with a bow in the front and back like that. All the seams are unfinished. No tags or labels anywhere. Thank you for your help.

    23665611-2FC7-4EEA-9533-C9F7856C309D.jpeg 6D91D33D-0DE7-4D38-B7B6-A9E902C1ECDD.jpeg BD18F6D4-8D29-43FD-8A28-D7EA2D63544A.jpeg D23476B2-1936-47EF-A940-63E345190B31.jpeg D5C57A2D-225E-4B5B-8C89-8D903DCEEC0C.jpeg 8BD32F41-1CC7-4772-8B6A-3E2FE7B0FFDE.jpeg 08486039-D9A5-45C6-ADD6-67DBE0946A6C.jpeg
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    Yes it’s flocked. I agree about that fabric. I would have thought it was much older, just going by that flocked fabric alone.
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    I ironed this dress last night. I wish I could identify the fabric. It’s a very thin gauzy linen type stuff.

    07B27311-5F1A-46FC-99B4-1994DB99D908.jpeg 2854A188-5F53-491A-9436-211A3FE65E87.jpeg 30793C10-904B-4A33-9355-C21ED7A666A8.jpeg
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    It's gorgeous, I'm also wondering if it's costume. Looks to be styled as 30s/40s... a la wizard of oz, gone with the wind has a country feel to it too. I absolutely love it, it's fabulous! I'd totally wear this to a dress up party.
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    Yes it put me in mind of Katharine Hepburn for some reason. I could just see her in it, driving Cary Grant crazy in Bringing up Baby. lol I’m wondering if it isn’t some 1970s formal wear.

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