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  1. chloe le fay

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    Prepping this little beauty to sell. Trying to get the date (and therefore pricing) exactly right is scary! its numbered but the 'London' aspect throws me a little....any ideas? the auction house I bought it from said 40's but im not 100% they knew what they were doing. the lining is hand sewn. Thank you

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  2. poppysvintageclothing

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  3. Jonathan

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    Christian Dior London didn't open until 1954, so it can't be before then.
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  4. GemGem

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    The label looks much later to me, at a guess I'd say 80s-90s based on the label alone. Are there any other labels?
  5. claireshaeffer

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    Jonathan, do you have a date for London Dior closing. They were not listed as a couture house in London in the early 80s. Also, the London customer was much more conservative than the French. C
  6. Jonathan

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    I don't know - Marc Bohan was the designer for Dior London, so naturally once he went to Paris after Yves was fired, he brought his safer, more conservative styles with him... The company seems to have gone through a rethink at the same time. Dior New York is from that point on (1961) designed and made in New York under Guy Douvier. It is no longer being designed in Paris and made up in New York. I think I have seen Dior London labels into the late 60s - around the same time that Dior New York labels survive. Perhaps the two disappeared around the same time?
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  7. GemGem

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    I found a top listed as 1970s on etsy with the Christian Dior London label. I shall see if I can find anything later.

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