Dating a sundress and jacket

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    I’m completely stumped about this one. I think maybe it was homemade. All the seams are unfinished. It zips up the back with a weird-to-me coiled looking Talon zipper with a pull that is long and dangling. The fabric is some kind of silky something or other. The jacket closes in the front with a hook and eye and there are 4 more hook and eye closures at the back of the neck on the dress. The jacket has no shoulder pads. The dress is rather short with a small hand stitched hem. Thank you for your help!

    6239F1BA-E58D-466A-BAE4-50AC02D5AFD1.jpeg 17D2E4D8-A2E9-40EA-9E5A-8B12FA15D9A5.jpeg A2867F98-8968-4002-B793-39AB8FE3FD93.jpeg 6D0D15F1-BF18-4B86-AC71-30437EC96984.jpeg 328B5D9A-4431-4692-8997-EDCDEF431609.jpeg 1C0D7735-20C5-4155-91D7-397743AC5CCE.jpeg 4442B3D5-4116-4754-87B2-2D912E671C5F.jpeg 29CEA91D-8A11-4B71-AD0E-CBF8759A5953.jpeg
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    My guess is 70s / 80s
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    Thank you!

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