Dating a wool fascinator

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    Hello. Today is my birthday and I came home to find a fantastic present on my porch. Inside I found seven beautiful vintage hats. My friend has apparently caught on to my obsession. lol I will post them over the next few days.

    I am not just interested in when this hat might date to, but also... how was it worn? I tried to get pics of every angle. At one point it had netting attached one the same end as the tassels. Would the tag go in the back maybe? Thank you for your help!

    4E4604D8-BF60-4D36-88E4-211007C9AFE4.jpeg 5740B1D6-13FA-46D9-8C55-D2E78F9065D1.jpeg A393EEC8-F6A8-45D0-BC26-41611F1C51AD.jpeg 6134996B-32DB-421E-A2EF-4D079C48B3A6.jpeg C12F18E4-F49A-41D6-9965-0A11CDD695FF.jpeg 77C159FE-DCAE-4308-9E88-495816646361.jpeg F1230014-DAF2-4B74-952A-0DFC7E24F965.jpeg AC00BE4D-849C-4856-8132-3E49C189D2B6.jpeg
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    Happy Birthday! How wonderful to get a box of vintage hats. I know many of us would love to see them.

    You are correct, the tag goes in the back. The hat would have been worn more on the back of the head, with the woman's hair ( a short hair style) showing in front and in back. The "bumps" or concave areas would have sat right above or slightly hehind her ears. It is not a fascinator, it is simply a small hat.

    These hats were designed to go with the current hair styles of the time. Those "small neat head" hair dos. This means when worn today they can sometimes look a bit strange, do not sit right on the head, or we are not sure how to wear them with our "modern" hair.

    Hope you have a lovely day!
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    Thank you! I’m hoping to get the rest posted on the weekend. Some need to be steamed. This particular hat was a little crushed and someone had tried tacking it into shape with a needle and thread. I wish the netting was still there!

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