Dating an antique dress

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  1. acceber

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    I’m hoping for a date for this fantastic dress. It has a long skirt with a sort of shorter one over it. I hope the pics are visible.

    ABC34917-37D9-42A9-8703-06E361B70BF3.jpeg D298328C-204F-482A-9DF4-6F9FB3937C36.jpeg 35C958AF-916B-4C3D-AF85-04187237C472.jpeg 4460DBBB-6CFF-4BD0-8860-AFFE37ED44D3.jpeg 3AA5B27E-8C3B-49A7-8699-A22D87BBA9AE.jpeg 47640413-3B9E-47E9-822C-63EB7E7A3D09.jpeg F186AB0F-4AD5-4EE8-95A2-E651DA6E9BB2.jpeg
  2. Rue_de_la_Paix

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    What a beauty! Looks like circa 1914 to me.
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  3. acceber

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    Thank you! I was actually guessing 1913-14!
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  5. acceber

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    Thank you!
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