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  1. blubirdboutique

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    I always have trouble dating Chinese clothing - it's very timeless to me! This set is really beautiful quality with a embossed? print of flora/fauna. Silk. Has a tag that just reads "made in china" and some hand-stitching and rolled hems. Mother of pearl buttons. I think the belt might be a bit higher than it should be - my mannequin has a long waist. Thoughts? I am not sure honestly... it seems older than 70s to me just because I've had many sets from the 70s and they don't seem as good quality and they seems more mass produced at that point. Thank you! Also - does anyone know of any resources to learn more about chinese clothing/textiles? It's interesting to me.

    china1.jpg china2.jpg china3.jpg china4.jpg china5.jpg china6.jpg china7.jpg
    unnamed (1).jpg
    unnamed (2).jpg
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  2. blubirdboutique

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    I read an article by Circa Vintage about "made in China" tags and imports - you're on here right? What are you thoughts? :)
  3. Luna Junction

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    That's silk jacquard. Great set!

    That high waist and the way it fastens on the trousers along with the wide legs tells me 40s, but sometimes these were leftovers and a bit behind the time (like a lot of Hawaiian clothing, made with vintage patterns) so they could be 50s. Most of these were sent to wives and loved ones from Asian countries by soldiers during WWII.
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  4. blubirdboutique

    blubirdboutique Registered Guest

    Thanks Luna! Silk Jacquard huh? I need to read up on that - not much experience with it! :)
  5. carla rey

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    I would list these as a lounging pajama set rather than a pant suit set.
  6. Linn

    Linn Trade Member

    I agree that they are lounging pajamas. I would call the fabric silk damask. Damask is a type of jacquard weave. I am wondering about the belt. Are there belt loops? It does seem really high.
  7. blubirdboutique

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    Thanks! Yes, there are belt loops. Could be my mannequin but I'm not sure. She seems long waisted as well as very long arms!
  8. Luna Junction

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    Lounging PJs, definitely! I have seen high belt loops on other 40s pieces I've sold. Wonder what's up with that?
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  9. blubirdboutique

    blubirdboutique Registered Guest

    Thanks! :) Good question! I wonder too!

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