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  1. Michelle Schneiter

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    I recently was fortunate enough to find a couple of gorgeous Davidow suits at an estate sale in southern California. I'm having difficulty dating them. One looks like the stitching may be earlier than the other. One has 3/4 sleeves, the other is full length. The skirts are about the same length. One has a belted waist on the jacket. The other doesn't. Any chance someone out there knows Davidow or suits well enough to date these vintage goodies?

    Thanks so much.


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  2. poppysvintageclothing

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  3. Michelle Schneiter

    Michelle Schneiter Registered Guest

    Yes, same label. The plaid suit also has the original retailers label. See attached.

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  4. Linn

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    The suits are fabulous. I think they are both 1950s suits. I was curious about the patent number so I Googled it and discovered that it's a patent for suit construction from the 1940s:

    My dating is based on the style, the collars,; the 3/4 sleeves and the detailing. I hope they fit you and that you can and will wear them!
  5. Michelle Schneiter

    Michelle Schneiter Registered Guest

    Thanks Linn! What I wouldn't GIVE to fit into these suits! I'm just in love with them. Their pockets are to die for. Sadly, the women of the 50s were wafer thin and women of our generation are a bit more super-sized. :) I'm most likely going to sell them, unless I can convince my aspiring production designer daughter to wear them.
  6. Michelle Schneiter

    Michelle Schneiter Registered Guest

    I'm also curious if anyone out there has a catalog of the Davidow suits that were licensed Chanel designs. I know they weren't all Chanel patterns, but some were.

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