Dating shoes 60s? 70s? 80s?

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  1. Adamina

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    I recently purchased these shoes, they really caught my attention because of the style, color, and how unique they are. definitely not something I see often. I saw the soles, and the letttering reminded me of some lettering i've seen on some vintage shoes maybe 80s? or 60s? it's a beautiful blue/green shimmery color with a quite maybe 90s chain style on the side which is why i would like some help on dating these, thank you! 1067CB17-7B7B-49A2-A990-2F4CF7B96E96.jpeg 9821FCFA-7988-48B6-B640-362D25A3CFC2.jpeg EF6A27E1-2A44-4C15-8B85-E69E0C7A81C3.jpeg B565516C-FC9E-4738-9005-04AC6DE05E02.jpeg 1CAB7AF4-005A-437C-8E86-643D96E99560.jpeg BB4187C0-8FE2-4E37-BB63-A694BD20ED90.jpeg B29519D7-E1A3-4031-AC5D-31E904C10A15.jpeg F9748966-AB6D-4664-A2DB-C1C7B3AAC784.jpeg
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  2. Jonathan

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    Early-mid 70s 71-74ish - they are a bit unusual - don't think I have ever seen a pair of shoes from then that colour, but the construction and style fits that period.
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  3. I had a beautiful pair of robins egg blue pumps, similar to this pair from the 1970s.
    Although, I cant upload a file at this time.
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    bumping this up to see if anyone has any thoughts about this!
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    You have two opinions above. One of them from the shoe expert himself ;-)
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  6. Adamina

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    oh i didn't realize! my apologizes, thank you everyone !

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